Cooking is the magical combination of art and science that man has tried to explore ever since he created fire.

But today, cooking has narrowed down to simply throwing in ingredients to get one final platter. There is little or no time in this very fast paced lifestyle of ours to indulge in culinary pursuits that we imagine to be time consuming. But remember – this is what we imagine…

Cooking is fun, as quick as you want it to be and extremely de-stressing. My question is; why should you let a stranger into your kitchen?

That is the reason I choose to share my culinary experiences with you, to help you churn out that dormant gourmet in you and the whole socio-economic community that you are a part of.

Hi, my name is Mahek Mandlik and this is my story.

My passion for cooking began when I was in school. I remember hovering around my mother while she prepared delicious dishes for our family. Intrigued and eager, I took every opportunity to learn and explore the delights of cooking.

As I grew older baking became a craze, I began baking simple cakes and within no time I was baking elaborate cream cakes and pastries. Then I stepped into the world of chocolates, the varieties, shapes and sizes were fun to make. I began doing a little something for every birthday and anniversary that came up, the cakes and pastry shells filled with combo goodies received rave feedback from family and friends. Before I realized my cakes and chocolates had a market!

It was then, that many of the people I had catered too began coaxing me to share my talents that many found intimidating; I decided to start my own COOKING CLASSES.

It’s been over seven years now and Mahek’s Cooking Classes has grown from just cakes and chocolates to a complete culinary experience. Today I teach over 40 courses that include Sherbets and snacks, Roz Ka Khana, baking eggless cakes, pastries, cookies and breads, assorted masalas, international cuisines like Italian, Mexican and Lebanese and much more. You can browse through the entire list of courses on the site and register as well!!

Well, after seven years of sharing my talent with countless satisfied students and a number of special appearances on TV shows and Newspapers, I’m still intrigued!! I keep exploring and increasing my knowledge on the exotic world of FOOD!!

Hope to see you cooking with me soon, Bon Appetite!!

Cooking Certification
Eating what's in Season

"Being Healthy" is the new mantra the whole world has adopted lately. Everyone wants to stay fit, be full of energy, look younger and live healthier lives when they get older, it's no wonder that the fitness industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years, especially in India.


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