Biryani cooking course in Mumbai

Biryani Cooking Classes in Mumbai

When you want celebrate a special occasion or a festival the first dish you may want to prepare would be a Biryani!! Preparing a Biryani is a labour of love. Choosing the right rice, the best meat or vegetables, using your most exotic spices and of course taking the effort to cook it and assemble it perfectly. Biryanis are the food of the royals! No wonder, when you serve it to your loved ones they feel like royals too! It is assumed, that making Biryanis is a whole day affair. But actually, if you plan well and prepare beforehand, it takes a lot less time.

In my Biryani cooking class, I teach 4 Biryanis – Chicken, Mutton, Vegetable and Fish/Prawns – and trust me they all have their distinctive taste. No two Biryanis taste the same. Students are taught how to source the right rice, how much to boil it, proper marination of the meats and vegetables, assembling, etc. Lots of variations are even offered. In fact, just for your knowledge, I have attended workshops of Biryani making conducted by the Chefs of Maratha Sheraton who are very famous for their Biryanis and Moghlai food. Their techniques and special tips have helped me to perfect my Biryanis. And I am glad to share this knowledge and experience with my students at my Biryani cooking class in Mumbai.

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Sofyani Chicken Biryani, Shahi Mutton Biryani, Veg. Special Biryani, Fish Biryani

Rs. 3000

Cooking Certification
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