Christmas Sweets Workshop

Marzipan, Milk Cream, Walnut Drops, Marshmallows, Jujubes, Guava Cheese, Nankhatais, Coconut Baskets, Date Rolls, Yule Log, Rich Christmas Cake Decorated With Fondant.

Traditionally in every Christian house, preparation of sweets only begin a month in advance to Christmas. Even non-Catholics wait for Christmas to savour these yummy sweets.

But now you do not have to wait for xmas to pamper your taste buds as this class is open for one and all throughout the year. Kids enjoy marshmallows and jujubes any time, so isn’t it great if you learn to prepare these and so many other sweets right in your own homes!

With the rising prices of cashew nuts and sugar, prices of Christmas sweets have also shot up. They also use maida in the sweets which is pure adulteration. So friends, if you simply enjoy your marzipans and milk creams, nan khatais and guava cheese, this is the class for you. Learn and teach your family as well! Make it a family tradition to prepare your own sweets and bask in the love and appreciation you shall receive.

Cooking Certification
Eating what's in Season

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