Continental Cooking Classes in Mumbai

Continental Meals

Grilled Chicken / Paneer Served With Gravy, Steamed Vegetables And Potatoes Stuffed With Creamy Corn, Chicken / Paneer In A Spicy Mushroom Sauce Served With Herb Corn Rice And Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Basa Served With A Creamy Herb Sauce And Pumplin Crisps

All the above classes are 1 day classes and we have very flexible timings. Classes are also conducted on weekends for the convenience of working women. Enjoy learning the art of cooking where all your queries will be answered patiently and you will be more confident with your skills.

We work with small groups so that no one is left unattended. Detailed notes are given for each class. All the dishes prepared are distributed evenly with all the students to take back to their families and share it with them.

Cooking Certification
Eating what's in Season

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