Learn the art of decorating your cake with Mahek!

Every visit to a cake shop may leave you awed with their beautifully decorated cakes and a thought may instantly cross your mind "I WISH I COULD MAKE THESE CAKES MYSELF!!" You may know how to bake a delicious cake but you may not have skills or cake decorating ideas required to decorate it. Well just one session of my cake decorating classes is enough for you to confidently decorate your cakes and desserts.

Cake decorating is an art. You can transform simple cakes to beautiful masterpieces by just using your imagination and of course, the skills and techniques taught by me. In my cake decorating classes, students are taught to bake and decorate a cake from scratch. First, we bake 2 sponge cakes, one with eggs and one eggless (Vanilla and Chocolate). These cakes are very light as we use the best materials and latest methods to prepare them.

Now this is the fun part – my students swear by it!!! Once the cakes are baked, each student gets some whipped cream to practice different designs with the help of different nozzles. Each and every student is given personal attention – you won't believe it but sometimes I even have to hold their hands to guide them. Once you have learned the art of cake decoration, the sky is the limit. Finally, the cakes are decorated and completed. By now students are very confident with their skills in cake decoration. They are raring to put their cake decorating ideas and newly acquired skills to good use – to impress their loved ones and friends!! It's always such a pleasure to see their enthusiasm!

My cake decoration class is the most popular class in my professional baking classes and I can proudly state, considering my experience, demand and feedback from my dear students, this class is one of the most popular cake decorating classes in Mumbai.

So book yourselves for my professional cake decorating courses.


Cake Baking and Icing

Basic Sponge Cakes:With eggs and eggless Fresh Cream Fruit Cake, Dutch Truffle Cake.

Rs. 3000

Cooking Certification
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