Cooking Classes in Mumbai

Why choose Mahek’s Cooking Classes?

Valid question that call's for convincing answer.

First, Mahek has been teaching for over than 12 years, so you are in safe hands and all the courses are certified.

Second, Mahek’s Cooking Classes is only for women. So the atmosphere is comfortable, friendly and fun!

Third, there is no such thing as a “secret ingredient”, there are only ingredients. While cooking, it is important to understand that bringing together a certain set of ingredients, in the right amounts and at the right time, will naturally result in a delicious and well made dish. What makes you an excellent cook is when you know how to tap on the potential of the ingredients, combining them with each other in way that accentuates and heightens the flavors of the entire dish as a whole.

What’s different about it?

At Mahek’s you are YOU, with whatever skills you bring to the classes and all your apprehensions. We shed inhibitions together as the ingredients come out of the larder, one at a time. There is plenty of potential within each one of you to make your own kitchen back home a gourmet ring and my classes even better. We work together. We share and that is my secret ingredient.

Mahek’s Cooking Classes caters to the common house wife, student, visiting vacationer and the very busy corporate mother. We cook together, not only do I share with you my skills to showcase the most elaborate and exotic cakes, chocolates, cuisines and other healthy delicious meals. Everything from rice to the roti and international cuisine from across the continents can be learned to perfection in a matter of days.

All the courses at Mahek’s are completed in a day and take only three hours, so you have the option of combining more than one course to suit your requirements. We have flexible timings especially for working women. We also have weekend batches. We have no more than 10 students in a batch which keeps it personal.

All the dishes are prepared from scratch in front of you including the prepping and the best part is you get to cook with Mahek and in her Professional Cake Making Course you get to work with fresh cream first hand. As an added bonus you can take home a portion of what you make at the class. Mahek uses only the most authentic and finest ingredients when she cooks and tells you where you they are available too.

Mahek constantly adds and updates her courses according to the popular trends in the city so even if you are already an expert at a certain cuisine, you can join a class to build on and improve your culinary skills or learn something new altogether!

So let’s get cooking!!

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"Being Healthy" is the new mantra the whole world has adopted lately. Everyone wants to stay fit, be full of energy, look younger and live healthier lives when they get older, it's no wonder that the fitness industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years, especially in India.


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