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Mahek's Cooking Classes offers you the opportunity to take your creativity and passion for food and turn into a full-time career. We all want to earn money doing what we love and if cooking is what you love then there are endless ways you can use this talent and make it a lucrative way of earning your own money and becoming INDEPENDENT!!

First and foremost, you can start your business with a minimum investment and most importantly you are your own BOSS!! You call the shots!!

At Mahek's Cooking Classes, Mahek focuses on encouraging her students to use their creativity in a more enterprising manner. She helps you gain more confidence, teaches you how to channel your talents and gives you the self belief you need to unlock the hidden entrepreneur in YOU!

It is important that after you learn and perfect yourself in the art of cooking a variety of cuisines, cakes and chocolates that you use and share your knowledge and skills with the people around you. There are a number of ways you can use this art, for example you could start your own Tiffin services, Catering service, Take orders for cakes and chocolates, Take orders for small kitty parties and you never know you could start your own restaurant someday!!

If you're a working mom with a passion for whipping up appetizing dishes then this is a good way to showcase your talent and earn money at the same time, it also means more time with your family, especially your children. It is a perfect side or part-time profession too.

Mahek leads the way and sets a perfect example.

Seven years ago she was a regular housewife who enjoyed baking cakes and cooking delectable dishes for her family and friends and NOW her cakes and chocolates are so famous people have to place orders in advance. Over the years she has grown as an entrepreneur and personally conducts one of the most popular cooking classes in Mumbai. She specializes in teaching a range of over 40 different courses. She has appeared on television cookery shows and has numerous articles written about her in newspapers like India Today, My Times, Mid-day and many more. She took her passion and turned it into a brilliant and lucrative career.

Now, it is your turn!!

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Eating what's in Season

"Being Healthy" is the new mantra the whole world has adopted lately. Everyone wants to stay fit, be full of energy, look younger and live healthier lives when they get older, it's no wonder that the fitness industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years, especially in India.